An R package for working with the unifed distribution. It includes a family to use with R's glm() function and Stan functions for fitting Bayesian unifed GLMs.


A blog program managed from the command line. It allows to have an interface in several languages. Written in Racket.


A chess tournament server written in Racket. Players are automatically notified by e-mail about their next game. For each game there are three links, one that allows to move the white pieces, another on that allows to move the black pieces and another one to just watch the game. Although no release has been made yet, it is in a usable state and documentation is on it's way.


R package to reproduce the results of my PhD thesis.


Basic implementation of server-sent events for Racket.


Perl module that automatizes tedious tasks involved with the course administration in WeBWorK. I wrote this module while being a graduate student. Me and a friend were in charge of managing the assignments in WeBWorK for several courses. The module was working with WeBWorK version 2.4.7 (not even close to the most recent one).


R package with functions that simulate heterogeneous insurance date. It was used for some examples in the article Generalised linear models for aggregate claims: to Tweedie or not?.